The Edmonton Tsunami and Riptides Water Polo Clubs pledge to confront racism and discrimination in all forms as we denounce the systemic racism that continues to exist in our society. Racism is not always loud and violent; it is sometimes subtle and quiet. Through the power of sport we will unite and celebrate diversity as we work with people of all ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations to make a path forward for a more equal and just world.

This tremendously important topic requires action and our journey to become more diverse and inclusive begins today. As a community we have much to learn and Tsunami and Riptides are committed to do better.

This process will begin through opening a dialogue with our community where we will listen, discuss, and learn together. We are prepared to have open, honest and challenging conversations with our membership. We welcome all athletes, coaches, alumni and families to engage in this discussion, so that as a community we can learn from our past and foster an environment for positive change.

Join the discussion here:

At Tsunami and Riptides we will seek to better educate ourselves and raise awareness on the many challenges that face youth in sport today. Starting this season, and moving forward, the leadership at our clubs (coaches and board members) will all take inclusion training to begin our education process. We understand that we have much to learn but together hope we can make a difference.

We do not have all the answers today and understand that change won’t happen overnight. As a club we will unite – athletes, coaches, alumni, and families – to stand against all forms of discrimination. At Tsunami and Riptides, we will demonstrate sensitivity, acceptance and inclusion as we work to be a part of the solution.

We will celebrate diversity. We will stand for equity. Change requires all of us.

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