Hello Riptides,

Our Fall 2020 Registration is now open! Complete your registration ASAP to secure your spot on our team this season.
Here is all the information you will need to complete your registration:
  • Registration Link: https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/243984
  • WPC Waiver Link (completion of this form will be required in the second stage of registration form): https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/e/E6LNz2QJrAcvtmHbR6iNeQ/
  • Sibling Discount Codes: If you are registering multiple athletes from the same household all younger siblings are eligible for a 30% discount off their registration. During the registration process you will see a section asking for a sibling discount code. ONLY ENTER A SIBLING CODE FOR YOUNGER SIBLINGS. Remember that Riptides will honour the sibling discount should an older sibling be registered at Tsunami.
    • U14Sibling(Bridge)Use this code for younger siblings registering in both the U14 Riptides Program and Tsunami Bridge Program
    • U14Sibling(R)Use this code for younger siblings registering in only the U14 Riptides Program
    • U12Sibling – Use this code for younger siblings registering in the U12 Riptides Program
    • U10SiblingUse this code for younger siblings registering in the U10 Riptides Program
  • Pre-Season Apparel Promotion Code: Anyone who took advantage of the spend $50 on pre-season apparel and receive $50 off registration ($25 for fall and $25 for winter) will receive a separate email with a discount code.
If you face any challenges during the registration process please let me know. Welcome to the Riptides family!

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