Will Ferguson

U8/U10 Assistant Coach

Hometown: Spruce Grove, AB

Player Position: Utility

Canadian Club Team Affiliation:

  • Parkland Polo Bears 2011 - 2016
  • Edmonton Tsunami 2017 - Present
  • Edmonton Riptides 2021 - Present

Player/Coach Career:

  • Top Offensive Player U16 Boys (2020 - EWPC)
  • MVP U14 Boys (2018 - EWPC)
Teal Wave Line-01


What is your favourite sports movie?

She's The Man

What is your dream vacation?

A cabin in the Swiss Alps and skiing everyday.

What ice cream flavour best describes your personality?

Rolo, you just can't hate me!

How do you like to spend your free time?

Gym or Netflix!

Describe yourself in three words:


What is your favourite food?


Q & A with Coach Will

Q: How did you first start playing water polo?

A: I was introduced to water polo when my parents were looking for a sport to get me out of their hair and they found a Polo Bears flyer in Spruce.

Q: What is it about water polo that made you fall in love with the sport?

A: I love the water and the game is a fast and dynamic game which made me continue playing.

Q: What is your favourite water polo memory?

A: 2020 NCL Calgary tournament. We were major under dogs and put up good games that tournament.

Q: What made you want to be a coach?

A:Kids seem to like me for some reason (I think it's because I act like one). I also owe the water polo community so much and this is a great way to help it out. I enjoy being around young athletes and that is a good indicator to coach.

Q: Who was your most influential coach?

A: Chris Toy. He was able to have fun and joke with us while pushing each player to play better in the water. He was able to give you many pointers in practice that other coaches wouldn't think about.

Q: Who is an athlete you admire?

A: Weston Dressler. Playing football, where size matters, he shows that you don't need to be a giant to play. Always a fun player to watch and cheer for.

Q: What is your favourite quote?

A: "If you ain't first you're last". – Ricky Bobby