U12 Girls Assistant Coach

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Player Position: Defender

Canadian Club Team Affiliation:

  • Edmonton Capitals 2013 - 2014
  • Edmonton Thunderbirds 2014 - 2015
  • Edmonton Tsunami 2015 - Present
  • Edmonton Riptides 2020 - Present

Player/Coach Career:

  • Outstanding Leadership Award (2020 - EWPC)
  • Student-Athlete of the Year (2020 - EWPC)
  • U19 Women National Championship Silver (2019) and Bronze (2018) Medalist
  • Outstanding Leadership Award (2019 - EWPC)
  • Tsunami Teammate of the Year (2019 - EWPC)
  • U16 Girls Defensive Player of the Year (2017 & 2018 - EWPC)
  • Three-time Alberta Provincial Team Athlete (2016-2018)
Teal Wave Line-01


What is your favourite sports movie?

Free Solo

What is your dream vacation?

Bali, Indonesia

What ice cream flavour best describes your personality?

Malted Chocolate Honeycomb

How do you like to spend your free time?


Describe yourself in three words:

Friendly, open-minded and passionate.

What is your favourite food?


Q & A with Coach Robyn

Q: How did you first start playing water polo?

A: I had a classmate who played so I decided to try it out because I wanted to play a water sport but didn’t want to swim.

Q: What is it about water polo that made you fall in love with the sport?

A: The community and environment. I love the people and how the sport challenges me.

Q: What is your favourite water polo memory?

A: One water polo memory I will never forget is qualifying for Nationals in 2018. An Edmonton team had never qualified for Canadian Nationals before and our team had worked so hard all season to achieve our goal. We were playing Pacific Storm in the semi finals to qualify and we had about 5 minutes left in the game. I had just been subbed out and went to sit on the bench and all our u19 boys, who were supposed to be warming up in the pool beside us, had their heads over the edge watching the game. One of them looked up at me and the girls on the bench and said “You guys are going to nationals!” We were all so emotional and five minutes later we got to celebrate the fact that we had finally accomplished our goal.

Q: What made you want to be a coach?

A: Growing up with coaches that had such a big impact on my life and helped me both in and out of the water, I wanted to do the same for future generations. I enjoy seeing the growth in an athlete and when they accomplish something that used to challenge them.

Q: Who was your most influential coach?

A: I have had positive experiences with all my coaches and been able to take something away from each of them. One coach that I really admire and who has truly been an inspiration in my life is Raine Paul. I think if you asked anyone who has ever been coached by her or gotten to know her they would all say that she is a very driven and passionate person.

Q: Who is an athlete you admire?

A: Jessie Graff. I love her mentality towards whatever she does. She stays positive and works really hard at whatever task she takes on.

Q: What is your favourite quote?

A: “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” - Bruce Lee