Hazel Carriere

Junior Coach

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Player Position: Driver

Canadian Club Team Affiliation:

  • Edmonton Tsunami 2019 - Present
  • Edmonton Riptides 2020 - Present

Player/Coach Career:

  • 2021 - 2022 Provincial Championship Winner
Teal Wave Line-01


What is your favourite sports movie?

Bend it Like Beckham

What is your dream vacation?

Seoul, South Korea

What ice cream flavour best describes your personality?

How do you like to spend your free time?


Describe yourself in three words:

Considerate, Smart, Cautious

What is your favourite food?

Homemade tacos

Q & A with Coach Hazel

Q: How did you first start playing water polo?

A: Before I joined Tsunami, I was in Paul Sadler Swim Club (now known as True Blue) and one or the last lessons after I got my certificate, we ended up playing an extremely altered version of water polo. I told my parents that I enjoyed it and my dad signed me up to play. I always loved to swim and I found a way to continue after I was finished with Paul Sadler.

Q: What is it about water polo that made you fall in love with the sport?

A: I really loved the team dynamic. The fact that my entire team was new, so we were able to struggle together really brought us closer as a team and as friends. I mean we were not the best team, we lost every single game but we still had fun and all of us came back next year.

Q: What is your favourite water polo memory?

A: I have to say that my favourite memory has to be the first time we beat wild in a game. Our goal that year was to beat wild, we had yet to beat them and it was the Provincial Championships. I had just had covid and was not allowed to play, although I could still sit on the bench and cheer. It was the first game of the day and we were all super stressed. The game kept going back and forth, at the very end it was tied when one of our players scored a last second goal from half. When our entire team was on deck we were all hugging and celebrating, we had never beat them and we did it on the day we needed it most. To us that was our gold medal game and we had finally reached our goal. That had to be my favourite memory.

Q: What made you want to be a coach?

A: I love working with little kids and seeing them work and improve. These few years have allowed me to create bonds with teammates that I will never forget and I would love for these kids to have that bond.

Q: Who was your most influential coach?

A: My most influential coach has to be Raine Paul. She has helped me become not only a better player, but has given me a goal to reach as a coach.


Q: Who is an athlete you admire?

A: I do not have one athlete I admire. All have worked so hard to get to where they are right now. It is not their achievements I admire, rather the work they put in that I admire.

Q: What is your favourite quote?

A: "To build a strong team you must see someone else's strength as a complement to your weakness not a threat to your position or authority." - Christine Caine