Arabelle Vollman

U8/U10 Assistant Coach

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Player Position: Center

Canadian Club Team Affiliation:

  • Edmonton Tsunami 2018 - Present
  • Edmonton Riptides 2021 - Present

Player/Coach Career:

  • Top Offensive Player U14 Girls (2020 - EWPC)
  • Teammate of the Year (2021 - EWPC)
Teal Wave Line-01


What is your favourite sports movie?

Soul Surfer

What is your dream vacation?


What ice cream flavour best describes your personality?

Bubble Gum, because I have a bubbly personality 🙂

How do you like to spend your free time?

Hanging out with friends, skiing and surfing!

Describe yourself in three words:

Welcoming, committed and happy.

What is your favourite food?


Q & A with Coach Arabelle

Q: How did you first start playing water polo?

A: Water Polo was first introduced to me by a friend who enjoys the sport!

Q: What is it about water polo that made you fall in love with the sport?

A: I love every aspect of the sport, but my favourite part is making new friends and the competitiveness.

Q: What is your favourite water polo memory?

A: My favourite memory is dancing to "I Want It That Way"  by the Backstreet Boys with my teammates and getting hyped up before every game.

Q: What made you want to be a coach?

A: As I have been playing water polo for 9 years now, the pool is like my second home. Coaching has given me the opportunity to share my knowledge of the sport and allow me to spend more time where I love to be!

Q: Who was your most influential coach?

A: Over the years, all my coaches have been wonderful and positive, but the coach that has influenced me most would be Raine Paul. During the past three years with Tsunami she has inspired me most and directed me to reach my fullest potential and always encourages me. Her advice is always helpful and has helped me become the athlete I am today.

Q: Who is an athlete you admire?

A: I admire all athletes. We all strive and work hard for everything we achieve.

Q: What is your favourite quote?

A: "Winners make things happen, losers let things happen."